What does “Internet of Things” (IoT) mean?

IoT is an umbrella term for the development that is turning everyday objects digital. Items such as clothes, domestic appliances and vehicles are increasingly being fitted with sensors and processes that connect, collect and communicate data.

What is a smart factory?

Smart factories are factories that are connected, communicate and constantly adapt production on the basis of predefined factors. Smart factories are becoming a reality thanks to the concept of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. They provide numerous benefits including higher productivity, more information and greater flexibility.

What are the advantages of introducing traceability into a manufacturing process?

The data collected become an important basis for analysis of the manufacturing process – backwards to trace the source of problems, and forwards to be able to implement improvements. Read about more advantages of traceability.

Why do we need to upgrade our old system to a more modern environment?

We see this as one way to secure the future. It is relatively common for companies to have applications and software which, for one reason or another, have become obsolete or are no longer supported. In such cases, Empir Industry can assist in upgrading the application and system to a modern environment. The system will generally become more efficient and stable, making it easier to maintain. At the same time, it will require less maintenance. Find out more about the benefits of upgrading a system.

We need to be more flexible, and to operate with shorter lead times in our production. Can you help?

Absolutely. It sounds like an MES system would be an ideal solution for your business. We can implement the system in stages. For example, we could start with a single station before moving on to expand the set-up to encompass the entire production flow.

How can we introduce Industry 4.0 into our business?

Industry 4.0 is being called the fourth industrial revolution, and is predicted to have a crucial effect on the manufacturing industry. Together with IoT, Industry 4.0 opens up the possibility of smart factories where machines and products communicate with one another. All IT solutions from Empir Industry are in step with this development; contact us to find out more.

What is an MES system and howdoes it work?

MES is an abbreviation of “Manufacturing Execution System”. These systems are used for the control and monitoring of production processes. The solution makes it possible to create a digital and visual production flow in a factory. All products for manufacturing are controlled, prioritised and followed up, at the same time as operators receive visual information about different versions, material choices and quality control processes.

How can we increase accessibility in our production?

Experience suggests that in-depth knowledge of the customer’s IT systems and production processes, combined with preventative maintenance and a proactive approach significantly increases accessibility. With the correct preparation, you can feel secure both in everyday work situations and in the event of an acute incident. Through the Application Operation and Factory Support services, we work to keep our customers’ production processes free from disruptions.

Empir Industry delivers competitiveness; what does that mean?

Our customers are working in a tough sector, where demands continue to increase at the same time as margins are shrinking. Smart IT solutions bearing the Empir Industry signature are the key to raising the quality of manufacturing processes and making them more efficient.

Couldn’t find the answer to your question here?

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